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This questionnaire is a learning tool that can help you discover more about our style of travel.

Our guided sea kayak trips are not designed to be suitable for everyone.  We encourage the process of informed selection that occurs while people decide which tour company to choose.  Those who enjoy our trips the most tend to read our website in detail before making reservations.

All prospective Butterfly Tours guests and expedition participants are encouraged to fill in this questionnaire.  Completing and submitting the questionnaire can assist you in making an informed decision while developing accurate expectations.

Kayakers interested in our Cape Freeman Expedition are asked to read Preparation Details and complete this questionnaire before registering.  This process encourages compatible attitudes and cohesive abilities on our more advanced expeditions.

The questionnaire consists of nine multi-choice concepts.  All answers are provided on our website and may be found by clicking on the explanation for each concept.

Butterfly Tours owner & guide will respond personally to questionnaire submissions.  Please enter your email address at the bottom of this page before clicking the "Submit" button.

You are welcome to view our FAQs and contact us if you have any additional questions.

Explanations for each questionnaire concept:

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All answers are available on our website and may be located by clicking on an explanation for each questionnaire concept.

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